An extraordinary group of friends who found each other through their shared love of making art. Located in the heart of the eclectic and creative neighborhood of Dogpatch in San Francisco, the gallery represents local ceramicists and painters.

You will find a variety of beautifully crafted art in the gallery that embodies the devotion and dedication of each artist. Their love for the materials and process of creating is evident in every piece. 


Our continually changing collection of ceramics and fine art at DOGPATCH POTTERS showcases a range in style, approach, and technique distinctive to each artist-- truly one-of-a-kind treasures created with passion, insight, and years of practice. We hope you find a special piece that speaks just to you.

lynne DeBoer Hughes
Owner, Curator & Artist
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Phone: (805) 448- 1729

Email: dogpatchpotters@gmail.com

Instagram: @dogpatchpotters


806 22nd Street,


San Francisco, CA

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Friday - Sunday:

12pm -5pm